The Top 3 Low-cost Business ideas To Get You Out Of the Rat Race Bandwagon 

Cheap business ideas…. Is this you?

You have shifted from one company to another seeking a better pay.  You wake up early every morning going to a job which is repelling with your heart desires.  The first place you visit is online job boards. Or are you helping others to manage their lives yet yours is in miseries as you feel your pay is inadequate?

If this describes you, probably you are on the rat race bandwagon.  Maybe you’ve been thinking of starting a business but what you earn is insufficient. Did you know you can start a business with little cash and earn impressive income? These three low-cost business ideas will get you out of the rat race band wagon:

i.    Virtual Assistant services

In the way of reducing their expenses companies are seeking virtual assistant services. If you have experience in any particular administrative task such as bookkeeping, appointment scheduling, among others you can become a virtual assistant. All you need is a computer and reliable internet and of course a working space.

Also, you can reach small business as most of them are seeking people to help them in their office management tasks.

ii.    Start a calling center

If the virtual assistant is not your thing, starting a call center is another low-cost business idea you can implement. Here you need to approach companies conducting telemarketing or receives a large number of calls daily. Then you can offer your customer services through answering their client queries.

To start up this business, you need high-quality earphone, microphone, computer as well as reliable internet. The good thing about this business is that you can do it at any place as long as you have the above items.

iii.    Pet care services

Do you love pets? If yes, you already have a low-cost business idea. Most people are seeking individuals to look after their pets at a fee.  All you need is to take the pet for a walk, wash and feed them. Essentially, you do not have to spend a dime as the owners cater for everything. As such, you can start such services, and in case you get more clients you can subcontract.


As you can see, several low-cost business ideas exist. Notably, most of them require little or zero investment. If what you are doing is boring and does not satisfy you, it is time to think otherwise. Starting one of these businesses can be the beginning to alighting from the rat race wagon and the road to freedom.  The ball is now in your coat.