The Secrets of Boosting Your Event Management Business Sales through the Social Media Marketing 


Social media is a leading internet business opportunity for event managers to advertise and promote their ventures. As a leading marketplace, social media opens up an opportunity for a business to expose itself and gain a lot of audience at a minimal cost.

As an event management entrepreneur, the social media is a valuable tool in reaching your sales and profitability goals.  Here are the secrets of boost your event management business sales and profitability through the social media:

a)    Develop a simple hashtag for an upcoming event

A hashtag is a useful tool when it comes to event management. When you use a hashtag in passing information about an upcoming event, you help the audience to follow and take part in the discussion about it. The hashtag helps people to start a unified conversation. Hence, people get to know up the upcoming event.

However, your hashtag must be easy to remember and uniform in all social platform to enhance its impact.

b)    Invite people to like your business page and offer them free tickets

Another way to promote your event management business on social media is through offering free tickets. Once you have an upcoming event, you can share it on the social media and provide free tickets to people who invite or gets most likes. As they try to meet this criterion, they will have helped you to reach a wider audience which is a leg up to marketing your event management business.

c)    Encourage attendees to share the event on their social pages

Again, your event management business marketing does not end upon the dawning of the event or function day. It continues during, and after the event. As you seek more future clients during the event, you need to display your social pages and the trending hashtags. Then you can request the attendees to inform their peers about their attendance through sharing images and photos on their social media.

Also, after the event, you need to request them to post their feedbacks as well as rate the event. In particular, the Facebook page offers followers a chance to review and evaluate the services of the page owner. You can utilize this option to receive attendees’ feedback.  This way, potential clients will have a testimony about your services which will result in increased sales.


Social media offers business opportunities for event management entrepreneurs to boost their sales at a minimal cost. As such, whenever you get a client for your event management services following the above social media business marketing ideas can win you more sales in future.